5 Year Old Girl Left Hanging To A Speeding Motorbike, Alone!

India is the second most populous country in the world as of now, and with such a huge population, Indian roads bear the brunt of fast-paced and non-stop traffic. Indian roads are known for chaos and road accidents. In fact, a leading newspaper, Times Of India, reported that a total of 146,377 people died in road accident in India, just last year. Those are some staggering and alarming numbers.

Everyone is in a hurry these days and to make up time, people drive rash and take unsafe decisions on the road. In a shocking video that has emerged from the Bengaluru city of India, a family of three can be seen driving on a motorbike on Tumakuru-Bengaluru Highway, trying to overtake a car from the left-hand side.  However, there was another two-wheeler on that side, comparatively much slower than this family. So, the motorbike crashed into the other two-wheeler, and both the parents could be seen rolling on the ground after they were flung off the motorbike. The footage continues into the terrifying moment when you see a 5-year-old child who still somehow managed to cling on to the bike, seated on the fuel tank, as the speeding motorbike carried on traveling in the middle of the busy road. The bike carried the girl for a little over 200 meters, missing a huge truck in between, while moving across the three lanes of the road.

The vehicle came to a stop after hitting the divider, but thankfully, the child landed on a patch of green grass, providing a soft and safe landing. The dashcam showed people abandoning their vehicles and rushing towards the baby girl to pick her up from the bushes, where she had fallen.

An ambulance as called to the spot and the police were alerted about the same. The person on the scooter, who had 5-year-old into, received most injuries. He was admitted to Nelamangala Government Hospital as he sustained many head injuries in the accident. The mother of the child got some bruises on her head as well, but she was released from the hospital after first aid as the injuries were pretty minor. The father driving the motorbike, shockingly, fled the scene post the accident. He was riding without the helmet and that too rashly. He has been charged with rash and negligent driving, however, he was still absconding.

The young 5-year old girl was really lucky to avoid any crash with the big vehicles on the road. She was really lucky to land as she did, on a green patch. God knows, how it worked out for the best because this could have gone wrong in so many ways. Honestly, motorbikes and other two-wheelers are meant to be for two people. Squeezing more people on to the small vehicle is a bad decision, to begin with. But in developing countries with so many poor people struggling to meet daily essential needs, what else can they do? Apart from being wise, and driving patiently and caringly. What do you think? Terrifying. Isn’t it?


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