Alexey Romanov, The Pianist Without Fingers

Alexey Romanov is a 16-year old musician from Russia. He suffered from a devastating ailment from the time he was born that deprived him of his fingers to be developed. However, defying all odds, he took up music just two years ago after getting inspired by Mozart and Vivaldi and soon mastered the skill of playing the piano.

Alexey Romanov was adopted by Vladimir and Luisa Levachkovye who quickly learned of his inclination towards music and so they bought him a synthesizer. His music teacher at a specialist school for youngsters with disabilities lends a hand to get him started. Initially, he would perform the melodies of “Twilight” and “Titanic” movies, which are immensely popular in Russia. Alexey credits two of his close friends who helped him learn the basics. In his words “They still help me. They send me sheet music, which I study and if I like something, I let it settle inside me.”

With a lot of dedication and practice, Alexey Romanov started participating in music competitions and winning most of them. Soon after, Alexey performed with Kazan’s esteemed La Primavera Chamber Orchestra which led to an invitation to join a music institute in the capital. The chief conductor of the Orchestra, suggested him to appear on the television program called “Guests from Tomorrow”. He performed moving rendition of River Flows in You by Lee Ru-ma for Twilight. Here is the performance video:

Alexey Romanov performance was seen and applauded throughout Russia, and it quickly caught the attention of the media. When asked to comment on how he felt about this all, he modestly said “During the concert I was shaking from the tension. I can’t even remember what was happening. I walked on to the stage, sat down and started playing. I felt my knees shaking. Then I realized that I was doing well, it’s as if the melody started flowing by itself.”

When asked if someone inspired him, he replied: “Sometimes it seems that there is an invisible, endless spiritual source out of which I can draw strength.”

We would like to wish Alexey Romanov all the very best. He truly is an inspiration for many and hope he keeps on inspiring people with his incredible talent.

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