Best Rated Movies Of Bollywood In The Year 2016

Bollywood is the India’s Hindi-language film industry and it is a massive industry. In the year of 2016, Bollywood produced a total of 225 Hindi films in all genres. It is to be noted that Bollywood produces only 43% movies in India. The other movies are in Tamil or Telugu language film industry, which people refer to as Tollywood. Bollywood, by far, is the biggest film producer in the world and also employs the most people in a film industry.

God bless the film award jury who have to go through all those 225 movies in a year. It has got to be a tough job. Luckily for us, we have websites where people voted for the best movies of the year 2016. It does not necessarily reflect the highest revenue earning movies of the year, which can be easily confused. These are actually the best-rated, top voted movies of Bollywood of 2016, rated by thousands of audience members, across the globe.

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Best Rated Movies Of Bollywood In The Year 2016


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