Catfish Swims Out Of Water For Food. Unbelievable!!

Catfish are a diverse range of ray-finned fish. They get their name because of their very prominent barbels which resemble whiskers of a cat. They have been farmed for food for many years in the regions of Africa, Asia, and Europe and North America.

The following video comes from Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan in India. In an artificial lake at the Thar Desert, the staggering number of catfish can be clearly observed when you throw biscuits (cookies) or flour or fish food over there. These fish will literally swim to the surface of the water and then leap on one another, onto the stairs, just to get food from the tourists and the locals. You can clearly see them opening their mouths in order to catch the food. Remember, they are not dolphins, so that makes this so astounding. Watch these videos and see by yourself. Probably a delight for fishermen (if it’s legal to fish here).

These are one of the large species of catfish that are called the Wels Catfish found in Europe and Asia. Other major species are the Mekong Giant Catfish found in SouthEast Asia and the Piraiba fish found mostly in South America. Many people find these fish very flavorful and delicious while many food critics believe it lacks any flavor whatsoever and is rather watery. Regardless, Catfish are very rich in Vitamin D.

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