Clown Portraits That’ll Give You Nightmares

Do you have coulrophobia? Well, probably you don’t know what that means, right? It’s a phobia of a clown. If you do not dread clowns, then you might find them comical, but the fact is, many people actually have coulrophobia. Those people should probably leave this post right now.

A French-born photographer, Eolo Perfido, has created a photo series called “Clownville”. As the name suggests, all the photos are full of clowns. But they are not your typical comical jokers, though. They are spine-chilling, unsettling, petrifying portraits of horrifying clowns that will make you lose your sleep.

The clown is supposed to be funny, clumsy, comical character, as often seen in movies and circuses. However, our photographer friend here transformed those joyful characters into pure evil horror. I, honestly am not scared of clown to be honest. But these portraits does give me shivers. Some are freakishly horrifying.

Let’s have a look at some of his portraits from the series Clownville:

Eolo Perfido, 44, currently resides in Rome, Italy and is a professional photographer. His work has been published in various magazines such as NY Times, Communication Arts, Panorama First, Vision, Vogue Russia, GQ Russia, Comunication Arts, L’Espresso, and Computer Arts. He has worked for numerous worldwide clients like Pepsi Cola, Samsung, Kraft, Gatorade, Sky Television, Novartis and Opel. More of his clientele list is available on his website.

Credits for Clowns makeup goes to Valeria Orlando. She has been working in this line for twenty three years and clearly mastered makeup techniques, as can be seen in clown series. She has worked with many known photographers over the years. Do check out her website.

You can check out more of Eolo’s work on his website at Do not forget to check out other portraits in Clownville series, which we could not show here as they seemed inappropriate for our website. But they are horrifying as well.

Do share these amazing portraits with your friends and family. Perhaps not with the people who have coulrophobia. These clowns will give them nightmares. was started in 2016 to provide you with awesome stories, articles, and videos. You can check our YouTube channel named ROFLOL Videos. Browse our website magazine to make your day super awesome. Thanks

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