Cookie Art By A Talented Hungarian Baker

Baking is an art too. Mézesmanna, A Hungarian baker’s, posted videos of her making some perfect gingerbread and chocolate chip cookie and then turning them into piece of art. This is not the usual stuff we find at bakery shops such as decorated cakes etc, which can be awesome too. But this is art at a whole new level and internet has loved her creation a lot, making these a viral video.

Mézesmanna, after a huge public demand has started her own YouTube channel, which is not even 5 days old. Earlier her videos were on Facebook but it’s good she moved it to her own channel now. You might want to subscribe to her channel because you will be jealous, envy of her at first, but soon you will want to bake like her and decorate those yummy cookies like her. She decorates the cookie embroidery style. Soon a plain simple looking gingerbread cookie is turned into an intricate piece of art on food.

Mézesmanna also is excellent in other arts like coloring eggs with food colors for Easter eggs and making cute animal portraits and cartoons and also some art recreations, but the embroidery like designs which is something typical in Hungarian culture, and putting that art on cookies is the most favorite of all. The cross-stitch patterns and colorful floral patterns make this an awesome looking food item that you might want to preserve and not eat.

We are sharing a video of Mézesmanna creation that is Lace on a gingerbread cookie. You might want to checkout her other videos on her channel as well. This beautiful art and cookies makes her a virtuoso in our books and thus she deserved a special mention. Watch the video first and we will put up links to her Facebook page and YouTube channel thereafter.

You seriously should check her Instagram channel as well. It’s so pretty. 🙂

Shoutout to the artist at Mézesmanna: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

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