Dachshund Puppy Gets Frustrated By…Well, Technology

Technology has been continuously evolving every where in the world, in all fields. But honestly, it’s not for everyone. Sometimes it’s really a pain to deal with. Why, some people still struggle with basic smartphones and computers. And it’s not easy for this dachshund puppy also. He is frustrated with his owner’s iPad and he wants to stop it, in it’s tracks.

I am not sure about this application that the owner was using on his iPad, but it seems to create the footprint impressions of dachshund puppy when he presses his paws against the screen. The puppy seems to be very intrigued by the whole situation and adorably jumps on top of the iPad’s screen to satisfy his curiosity. Every now and then you can see the dachshund puppy, take a pause from jumping, just to put in extra effort in pouncing at the screen, resulting in adorable little yelps every time. And it’s very very satisfying for us humans, for obvious cute reason.

Good thing that the little dachshund fella never gave during the whole video and he kept on pouncing on the device. Perhaps when he grows a little older, he will become wise and a technology expert. But till then, this is all we have for this little dachshund bundle of happiness.

Watch the video and share it with your family and friends. You will love it.

Sharat Jaswal

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