Dodge Truck Uproots A Tree. Unbelievable!!!

Dodge truck uprooting a tree. The ongoing trend, for no apparent reason is “Tree Vs Truck”. Sounds insane, right? Well it is.

Instead of using chainsaw to cut down a tree, people find it more amusing to uproot a tree. The idea is to tie the tree trunk with the rope and attach it to their trucks. And then try to bring down the tree. Well, it does not go well for all. But to be honest, neither did Chainsawing a tree. ROFLOL

In this video, Julian from North Carolina, used his Dodge truck to bring down the tree. Oh, i can already imagine the levels of stupidity in this video and what i am going to see. Soon enough the wife (who is recording the video) says “Ready! Pull the tree down”. Now it begins and i can’t wait to see how this will end. I know it’s going to end in disaster somehow. He is gonna wreck his truck for sure. Watching and anticipating the worst….26 seconds later….Hey! What was that? ROFLOL. I am laughing so hard. This is so funny. You have to watch this Dodge vs Tree video yourself. You can thank me later for making you laugh. 😉

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