English Bulldog Loves His New Toy. Hilarious!!!

Everyone loves new toys. Whether it be adults, kids or animals. They are often played most with, when they are new and it is rather difficult, not to play with them. It’s not a human nature, but apparently bulldog’s nature as well.

Meet, Diesel, the English bulldog. I love this dog. He finds a new toy. Soon it’s his favorite toy and he does not want to leave it. That is not the problem though. The problem is that he cannot see where he is walking. And the result is amazing. You will be left in stitches after watching this video of our beloved English bulldog.

Go ahead, watch the video first.

Ahhh..I am still laughing. You know, people always say not to text while walking or driving. This is exactly that situation. You better watch out for those stupid stationery walls and uneven roads. Don’t try this on yourself. ROFLOL!!!

Got to love the bulldogs 🙂

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