Homeless Dad With Daughter Experiment. Learn!!!

Yes, you may have guessed it right! This is another social experiment video that shook the world. The video is viral and for the right reasons.

The concept/theory put forth was whether a homeless guy who is a drug addict gets more attention from people passing by or whether a homeless dad who is on street with a sweet little daughter gets more attention. The experiment nonetheless went on smoothly and you will get chills down your spine when you see the outcome of this experiment. Go ahead and see how people reacted to different signs in two different situations. You will be amazed.

I am definitely in shock after viewing this video. The actions of some people shows a lot about nature of humanity. But the very end, will make you believe that humanity prevails after all. The nicest of people may not be richest in terms of money, but they are richest in terms of kindness and love. I really adore such social experiments, as they truly inspire me as much as many other fellow friends out there. Share this video with your family and friends. Stay Inspired! ­čÖé

Big thumbs to Coby Persin for this amazing social experiment.


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