How To Make Perfect Crispy French Fries

French Fries are also known as Frite or Finger chips. Usually, any elongated piece of fried potato is called french fries. They are batons of potato, fried in oil, till the outer crust is golden in color and crispy and the inside is yummy-licious soft and tender potato. They are served hot and probably appears on menus of all fast food restaurants in the world. We, certainly are not here to compare as to which fast food restaurant makes the best french fries in the world. But we do want to share great tips by chef Thomas Joseph, so that you will be able to make these French fries, even better than what you get in the fast food restaurants. Your fries will never come out soggy, weak or flavorless ever again. Get ready to hump in to the video and see these simple yet amazing trick for those perfect crispy fries.

When he submerges the potato cuts in the water, it will definitely surprise you. And yes, the French Fries are fried twice, but not the way you think it would be. Seasoning them requires good timing as well. I am going out to get some potatoes right away, for some potato-rific, crispy homemade French fries. You simply won’t accept fries from any fast food again! ROFLOL!!!

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Sharat Jaswal

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