Indian Farmers Did The Kiki Challenge & It May Be The Best One Yet

International music sensation, Drake, released his song “In My Feelings” nearly three months ago, and it gave rise to “Kiki Challenge“. This challenge took over the internet as it got viral. Before you knew it, everyone was doing it. Initially, it was just an innocent dance challenge, but things soon got out of control as people started jumping out of their moving cars and performing the dance on Drake’s new hit song.

Social media star, Siggy, is the person who started it all. He danced to the lyrics “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?” while pretending to steer a car. However, people started adding their own twists and turn and soon, it resulted in, people jumping out and walking beside their moving cars, dancing to the tunes of Drake’s song. We all know how these things end. Some people got involved in crazy accidents and started getting seriously hurt. But as history has told us, people still continue to do these challenges, despite police and authorities raising concerns on possible outcomes.

It was at this time, two Indian farmers, did their version of the Kiki Challenge. The Internet has loved them, calling them the most creative and safest take on Kiki challenge, to date. Not only that, they won everyone’s heart with their dance moves, as people have already crowned them as the winner of the Kiki Challenge, calling them “The Best One Yet”. Watch the video below and judge yourself.

Shiggy Show – Original Challenge #InMyFeelingsChallenge This is what started it all.

Drake was so impressed with him, that he personally thanked him and also posed for a few pictures.

Drake & Shiggy Kiki Challenge
Drake & Shiggy

Actor, Will Smith Also Participated In #KikiChallenge #InMyFeelingsChallenge #DoTheShiggy

Pilots Of This Plane Decided To Jump On The Kiki Challenge Wagon As Well

If Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Not Grandmas?

And Dogs!!


But Then Two Indian Farmers Stepped Up This Game. Watch! #BestKikiChallenge


Here is the original Drake’s video of the song “In My Feelings” that has already amassed 118 million views to date.

What do you think? Aren’t those Indian farmers best of the lot. They are safest of all, not breaking any laws, and people just love them. What are your thoughts on the video? Have you done the #KikiChallenge a.k.a. #DoTheShiggy a.k.a. #InMyFeelingsChallenge, yet? was started in 2016 to provide you with awesome stories, articles, and videos. You can check our YouTube channel named ROFLOL Videos. Browse our website magazine to make your day super awesome. Thanks

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