Two Guys Tries To Pull Off An Insurance Scam, Fails Miserably!

The world is absolutely full of con artists looking for quick money from people. One might be truly amazed to learn the extent to which such people can go to. Pretending to be hit by a car, in order to claim insurance is one such trick that has been on a rise recently. This is a story of such an insurance scam incident.

A woman in the UK, back in July 2017, was going about her usual business, driving a car on the street. Little did she know that two scammers had her picked as their next victim. As the woman turned a corner, she saw a man alongside his scooter, standing on the street. She slowly kept driving when she noticed that the man never mounted his scooter and instead he started running backward with his scooter. So the lady applied brakes. However, things became weird when the scooterist didn’t stop until he hit the scooter on the front of the car. If that was not bizarre enough, the man then threw himself on to the windshield and fell on the floor, in a very dramatic way. The woman was taken aback by what she just witnessed. She came out of the car where she saw another person standing on the sidewalk. This guy actually was the partner in crime with the scooterist guy. He told the lady that he witnessed the whole incident of how the lady hit the guy on the scooter from behind and it was all her fault.

See, how an innocent person just became a victim of an insurance scam. The woman never even touched the guy, but in eyes of law, she had everything going against her. However, the story gets an unexpected turn from this point forward. You see, the woman had installed a dash camera on her car, which captured the whole of the incident. When the woman tells about this little recording, you should see how both the scammers make a run from it. It’s so hilarious. Watch the video here.

Insurance Scam Backfires On Scammer:

Till date, we have not heard about those two men. We do hope that they got arrested for pulling off this scam because they deserve to go to jail.

The turn of events made this a rather funny incident but how many people might have been scammed by such people. There is a lesson to be learned here, people. Install dash cams on your car as well. You might not think so, but this could have so easily been you. Be safe and pass the message on. Share this with your family and friends! was started in 2016 to provide you with awesome stories, articles, and videos. You can check our YouTube channel named ROFLOL Videos. Browse our website magazine to make your day super awesome. Thanks

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