Jingle Bells Carol Performed By Cashiers. Wow!!!

Jingle Bells is the most popular Christmas carol, sung worldwide.

EDEKA supermarket in Germany had a pleasant Christmas theme surprise for it’s customers while they were shopping. EDEKA employees choreographed an orchestra that played the classic Christmas carol, the Jingle Bells, using nothing but just the typical cash registers. 9 cashiers in total played the carol, live for their customers. In total there were 13 hidden cameras that recorded the performance and reaction of the customers. There was a boom-boxer as well, that added awesome beats to the jingle.

The cashiers played a perfect instrumental Jingle Bells with the cash registers, and the customers forgot what they were doing in the market, and all just gathered together to enjoy this beautiful moment. Their happy faces say it all. Lets watch this video and put some smiles on our faces as well. Merry Christmas!

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