Kerala Man Feeds Hungry Kids, Gets Surprise

A man from Kerala, India, named Akhilesh Kumar posted this story on his Facebook account and the story has since gone viral, being picked by all those who believe in the rightfulness.

There are some people who know nothing but being generous, believing in good deeds. Such is this man from South India, who was tired from his all day long meeting, and decided to have dinner at a restaurant called Hotel Sabrina which is run by C Narayanan, in Malappuram, Kerala. Soon his food order came through but before he could take a bite, he noticed a skinny poor rag picker child, clearly hungry for food, gazing upon the meals served at various tables. How could one eat, after looking at such a sight. So he gestured the little child to come in and sit alongside him. The kid wasn’t alone and had a little sister, equally hungry, sitting hopelessly at a corner. The man invited both of the kids to join him at the table. He asked the kids for their food order, and they pointed at the plate which Akhilesh ordered for himself. So he ordered another fresh plate of food for the kids. As soon as the food arrived, the boy who couldn’t control his excitement, readily grabbed the food, but her sister intervened and stopped him. They might be poor and hungry kids, but they had etiquette to wash their hands before their meal. So, soon the kids finished their meals. The whole time, neither of the kid talked or smiled. They just ate their food, got up, looked thankfully at Akhilesh, washed hands and left. This Kerala man, didn’t even touch his food. He just looked at the kids having their food. He felt full.

Later, when he overcame his emotions, he finished his meals, and asked for the bill/check. After washing his hands, when he came back to the table, he saw the bill and was moved to tears, which he was holding back, all this while. The bill he received on the table, had no amount or charges as such. There was just one message for him which read

“We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity. May good happen to you.”

This is the photograph of the bill that Akhilesh posted on his facebook account. It’s in Malayalam language that is predominantly spoken in Kerala, India.

Bill Kerala Man Act Of Kindness
Bill In Malayalam Language

This just goes on to say that Karma is instant for the righteous. Do good and good will follow. World is full of such people who do good by the righteous. And this man from Kerala is no different. Akhilesh Kumar is a Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Power Solution Industries LLC, Dubai, UAE. He posted this incidence when he was on a trip to his hometown in Kerala. The owner of the Hotel Sabrina and it’s staff does not want to take credit for their generous gesture, so no names came forward.

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