Lara Wirth Can Turn Herself Into Monsters

Lara Wirth, a 16-year-old who lives in Australia, is creating a sensation on the internet, with her superb make-up skills. She is a self-taught artist and specialises in special effects makeup, so much that she can change herself into scary monsters. And I really mean SCARYYYY.. monsters.

Lara Wirth loves to see movies and instantly fell in love with characters in the movies like “Pirates of the Carribean” and “X-Men”. Soon she came across the TV series “Face Off” wherein people competed with SFX makeup. She learnt that most of the people in that show were self-taught and this is what inspired her to learn special effects makeup. She was 14-years old when she took to learning this art via some YouTube videos (Madeyewlook and Glam and Gore channels) and ever since she has been teaching herself all the basics needed. And now, with every look she creates, she is getting better and going bigger and bigger.

Lara Wirth can now easily create parts like teeth and horns, body painting and even custom prosthetics. Using her brilliant imaginations, she would sculpt moulds, and fill them with some homemade SFX gelatine and once such prosthetics are ready, she would simply stick them to her face, and start painting on them. The end result is horrifying brilliance.

Have a look at some of her work.

Lara Wirth #1

Lara Wirth #2

Lara Wirth #3

Lara Wirth #4

Lara Wirth #5

Lara Wirth #6

Lara Wirth #7

Lara Wirth #8

Lara Wirth #9

Lara Wirth #10

Lara Wirth loves to create various looks on herself, and then she posts these results on her Instagram account. She hopes to inspire more people to give this crazy art form a chance, and at the same time, she hopes she can one day, create a character for a movie or a video clip, for the whole world to enjoy. With imagination, creativity and talent like that, we surely believe that she will reach her goal much sooner. Here is a link to her Instagram account, if you want to see more of her work: Instagram.

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