Incredible Latte Art By Talented Artist Melannie

Meet Melannie. She is an artist from San Francisco and manages a coffee bar. Nearly four years ago, someone got her interested in Latte Art. Ever since she has been drawing bears and other cute stuff on the latte.

She has perfected the technique of latte art in all these years with continuous practice and hard work. According to Melannie, one needs a right amalgamation of flawless espresso and microfoam in order to get the accurate contrast and bring out the minute specifics. She begins by pouring milk into the shot of espresso. Following that she uses a spoon to manipulate the foam into the shape of the figure she wants in the latte art. And then she uses chocolate to bring out the outlines and details in the art. The whole procedure from the espresso shot to latte art takes roughly 3-5 minutes in total.

She says it’s the priceless expression on her customer’s faces that drives her to do better and better latte art. She has an Instagram account where you can follow her and check out her various pieces of art on the latte.

Instagram : Melaquino.

Melannie manages Elite Audio Coffee Bar in San Francisco if you wish to taste good coffee with her artistic touch. She is currently working on a coffee table and we wish her all the success that she truly deserves. Here are few of her latte art….

On her Instagram account, you would be able to see many videos showcasing her talent. We have added only one for your reference. Hope you adore it, as much as we did.

A video posted by Melaquino (@melaquino) on

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