Fireman Grabs A Falling Woman Mid-Air, Stuns The Internet

Saving a person’s life from a certain death is a heroic act and such has been the case of a Latvian fireman, who became an instant internet sensation after doing so. Tomas Jaunzems of the State Fire And Rescue Service Of Latvia was filmed grabbing a suicidal woman, mid-air after she jumped off a building in an attempt to end her life.

It so happened that the fire department received a call about a woman who looked suspicious of attempting suicide by jumping off her apartment building. Firemen quickly reached the spot and started taking measures. Tomas and few of his colleagues were able to enter the apartment, a floor below from which the woman was attempting to jump off. In the video, which was recorded by a colleague of Tomas, you can see him leaning out of the window while another colleague holds his legs in order to stabilize him. Just a few seconds into the video, you can see the woman, jump off the apartment, plummeting to the earth, when suddenly Tomas catches her in mid-air. His colleague joined him immediately to assist him in ensuring that woman can be pulled back into apartment safely. Such bravery, clever thinking, and feat of strength, surely makes this fireman, a hero in our eyes.

Tomas Jaunzems
Tomas Jaunzems

Image Credits: Tomas Jaunzems

According to a spokesperson of the State Fire And Rescue Service Of Latvia “During the weekend we received a call to a multi-apartment building where there was a suspicion that a person was going to jump from a fourth-floor window”. He also cleared that at the time when Tomas and his crew were preparing for the grab on the floor below the woman’s apartment, there was another team, equipped with mountaineering gear who were preparing to climb down from the roof of the building, but before they could do anything, the woman had already jumped.

Here is the video of the fireman, Tomas Jaunzems that was posted by his colleague on the social networking websites. The video has since gone viral and gotten applauds and thumbs up from everyone in the world for his act of bravery.


Some of the leading magazines interviewed Tomas for his heroic act. He briefly said that “I decided to be a firefighter because I am my country’s patriot, and helping people, saving people’s lives and homes was my motivation. I have been working in State Fire And Rescue Service Of Latvia for almost five years.” When asked if he and his colleagues have been practicing such scenarios, he replied “It was the first time I have done this, we haven’t been practicing this kind of people rescue works. It is nearly impossible to tell you what the most difficult thing was during that day because every day in firefighters’ lives is different and challenging. We just do the thing we do the best – help people!”. Tomas was very humble and modest when asked about whether he keeps tracks of how many people he has saved as a fireman. To which he replied “In five years in service, there have been a lot of different situations – fires, car crashes and almost in all of them, people needed help. We work in a team and I don’t count how many lives I have saved.”

Minister of Interior of Latvia, Rihards Kozlovskis, was in all praises for the fearless and brave firefighters. He mentioned that “The work of the rescuers is very special – it requires courage, professionalism and the ability to act quickly and decisively in complicated and often non-standard situations. I am proud of these two rescuers of the HGH who saved human life.”

The Internet is stunned by Tomas Jaunzems’ feat of strength. We all applaud the work of a fireman and we hope they get the true recognition that they deserve. They are the real-life superheroes. At the same time, we hope that the woman who attempted suicide, gets some counseling and that she thank this brave fireman, by living her full life happily.

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