Lawn Tennis Ball Girl To Bug Removal-ist

I am an active sports watcher. And time and again, we get to see some sports bloopers or funny moments, which is actually really good in such a competitive environment. I am sure there has been funny moments in each and every sport there is. Something like the one here in a lawn tennis match.

It’s a bug on the lawn tennis court and it’s obviously distracting the player. So the player, naturally asks the ball girl, standing closest to him, to remove the bug. As you could imagine, a girl and an insect, usually don’t go in the same sentence without using the words gross or scary. You will have to watch the video to see the lawn tennis ball girl’s reaction. Watch it till the end, for the “Oh Noooo” moment when she is embarrassed to see her reaction herself.

I guess, removing bugs from lawn tennis court was not part of her job profile. ROFLOL!!! was started in 2016 to provide you with awesome stories, articles, and videos. You can check our YouTube channel named ROFLOL Videos. Browse our website magazine to make your day super awesome. Thanks

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