Jaw Dropping Hyperrealism Paintings By Leng Jun

Hyperrealism is a type of painting reminiscent of a high-resolution photograph. The various methods and techniques used to create these paintings or sculptures make hyperrealism an advancement over photorealism wherein an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to reproduce the image, as closely as possible, on a canvas or some other media. In hyperrealism, more focus is given on the minor details and the subjects, as shall be demonstrated by Leng Jun artwork.

Leng Jun (冷军), was born in 1963 in Sichuan and he is an influential Chinese contemporary artist best recognized for his hyperrealism paintings and drawings. Jun, who presently resides and works in Beijing, graduated from the fine arts department at the Hankou Branch of Wuhan Normal College in 1984. His knack for revealing incredible details in the painting suddenly shot him to fame. You literally have to use a magnifying glass in order to truly appreciate the beauty of his artwork. The ability to paint with precision, minute little details like a sweater’s threads, casting a shadow on the skin of his subject, is beyond believable.

For your convenience, we have added Leng Jun hyperrealism paintings, along with some blown out images of the paintings, so you won’t need a magnifying glass to see those fine details.

Leng Jun has won the Art Award in the 2nd Annual Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, and the Golden Award in the 3rd Annual Chinese Art Exhibition. Many of his painting are sold through various auctions in China, being bought by private collectors and also by various art institutions.

You can follow more of Leng Jun incredible artwork at China Cool Arts website or the WideWalls website.

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