Life Gave Her Lemons, Girija Made An Artistic Lemonade

This story is about a girl named Girija Srinivas, who hails from Bangalore in India. Although at first sight, she would seem like a normal toddler to you. Being pushed by her mother on a stroller. But what i see is not true. She is actually a 19 year old adult, trapped in a toddler’s body. Yes! You read that right.

Girija was born with congenital agenesis. In general terms it simply means that her limbs failed to completely develop and as a result, Girija stands just two and a half feet tall, weighing approximately 12kgs (26 pounds). Congenital Agenesis, makes it impossible for Girija to stand or sit up right. She has to rely on her mother for all the care including feeding her. Although, this condition has affected her physically, but her mental capacity is as good as any other 19 year old.

The state of humanity we have today, it’s obvious that this pretty girl is bullied and harassed for being unique. When her mother takes her out of stroll, people do point fingers, laugh in amusement and tease. It’s an unfortunate social environment we live in. But fortunately she has support of her family and friends who care for her and treat her like everyone should be.

There is just one thing in particular, that Girija does, on her own. And that is art. Against all odds, with her family and friends behind her, brave Girija is painting her future on the canvas. When you see her make those paintings, lying down on her side, you will be amazed. It’s good to know that she has sweet dreams of making it big in this industry. She sells her drawings and painting for anything between 8,000 to 10,000 rupees (USD $120 – $150) every month. With her determination and everybody’s blessings, we are sure she will achieve her dreams, fame and independence.

Watch the full story of Girija Srinivas here:

She is a true inspiration for everyone like us, who complain about problems in our life. So get inspired. When life gives you lemon, get up, make a sweet lemonade from it. LAWL!!! was started in 2016 to provide you with awesome stories, articles, and videos. You can check our YouTube channel named ROFLOL Videos. Browse our website magazine to make your day super awesome. Thanks

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