Like Taking Medicine? No? Neither Does This Dog!

This is one famous dog named “Denver”. You probably know her for the Christmas video wherein she destroyed the Christmas balls and turned her lips red and was found guilty. Or even before that when the dog was guilty of stealing cat chews and was caught. This one is no different.

Denver is supposed to take her daily dose of medication. She sees the bottle and Oh My God! Her reaction is unbelievably hilarious. She knows it’s going to be really really bad and she hates it. It’s supposed to be an ear medicine, so obviously it has to be applied directly inside the ears. And Denver does not like it. Not one bit. But her efforts to come closer so that the owner can put the medicine in  her ears, combined with how much hate she has for that particular gross medicine, will give you laughs all the way. Watch the video of this beautiful dog :

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Sharat Jaswal

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