Parkour Border Collie Will Amaze You With His Skills

Meet Neo, a Border Collie dog from England. But he isn’t your typical border collie. Watch his unbelievable agility moves and core strength as he parkours through the woodlands of Exmoor, England.

If you are unaware of what parkour means, well it is a training discipline by means of swift movement that was inspired and developed from military obstacle courses. It is designed to go from one point to another, in a complex environment, in the fastest way possible, without any assistive gear. It involves running, climbing, swinging, leaping, jumping, rolling, or whatever movement that seems appropriate in the given environment. It takes a lot of agile moves and body strength to complete these tasks in the fastest possible approach. It involves imagining the course in front of you, in a fresh manner, and visualizing the potential ways for crossing it by movement around, across, through, over and under its topography.

Probably Neo, the Border Collie dog will explain it better. Watch the video:

Incredible isn’t it. The Border Collie is a really smart dog. They have indefinite energy, endurance, and working drive and they are highly trainable and intelligent dog. Plus, they look fantastic.

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