A Passenger Films How Airline Staff Handles Your Luggage. OMG!!

Did this ever happen to you that you boarded a flight with a fine set of luggage but when you collected your luggage at the destination, it was not in the same condition, perhaps, a broken suitcase maybe? This video that was shot by Vanessa Lee Marsh, may shed some light as to what might happen to your luggage. The video was posted on Twitter by Vanessa, which shows an Airline passenger throwing passenger luggage down the chute like it was garbage. An absolute nightmare for the passengers. Instead of sliding the luggage down gently, the woman throws them down carelessly, without any concern that she might be damaging the customer’s belongings.


The video has been seen over 80k times and the responsible Airlines did reply to Vanessa. Hawaiian Airlines apologized and told Vanessa that this type of behavior from the employee is not acceptable. They further assured that their Airport Operations Management Team was addressing the situation. However, this was not enough for people as they were enraged and demanded the authority that they fire the employee for such mishandling of passenger luggage.

To our surprise, there were some Twitteratti’s who defended the employee and her action of throwing down the suitcases on the chute. Here are those tweets.

However, and may I say, thankfully, most of the people were righteously furious to see this video. Here are some of the many tweets that the video received.

Here is the apology that Hawaiian Airlines posted on Vanessa’s timeline:

What do you think of this entire episode? Would you defend this employee or would you like to see her get fired over this incident? People have suggested that more Airline do the same. If you have any video of them, do pass us and we would post it on our website for you. Have a great day and may your luggage be safe!

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