Sportsmanship At It’s Best By Jack Sock

In this competitive world, winning has become an absolute essential. However cheating your way in to winning has never been seen as an acceptable approach by the society. Yet it happens everyday in every sport, every where in this world. But do remember one thing kids, regardless whether you win or lose, “fair play” and “sportsmanship” are two quality elements that will take you a long way in field of sports. One should not go down without a fight. But when that fight is honest and true, only then the world will respect you. Such has been the case, the world witnessed on the court of Lawn Tennis at Perth, during Hopman Cup.

In a recent match of Hopman Cup being played in Perth, Australia, between American tennis player Jack Sock and Australian veteran Lleyton Hewitt, a Hewitt’s serve was called out by the chair umpire. Feeling content with the decision, Hewitt got back in position to take his second serve, when his opponent Sock, who watched the ball land from close quarters, interrupted Hewitt and suggested him to challenge the umpire’s call. “That was in if you want to challenge it,” he said.

Initially surprised by Sock’s words, Hewitt decided to take his advice and challenge the call. The ball indeed was ‘in’ as they looked on the board. The crowd erupted to applaud Jack Sock sportsmanship deed and even Lleyton Hewitt appreciated his selfless act. Hewitt, who is retiring from Lawn Tennis after this year’s Australian Open, went on to win this match. However, it was Jack Sock and his sportsmanship, who won the hearts of people.

As the uploader of this video says, “Winning is important, but there is more to being a legend than win/loss records.” Watch it happen here:

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