Top 10 Animated Movies Of The Year 2016

Everybody simply loves Animated movies. Why wouldn’t they?┬áSince your childhood, you have loved cartoons. As you grow up, you still love watching cartoons but with more specific and brilliant stories. These movies, if we may agree, are not just for kids anymore.

The year 2016 saw a total of 216 animated movies as per IMDB. Most of them will boast of cute looking characters and celebrity voiceovers. Some will also feature some annoying song that will play in your head, on loop for rest of the month. I mean, people still sing “Let It Go…” from Frozen, and they just won’t let go of that song. You can’t watch all these animated movies. Luckily, we have websites where people rank as to which animated movies are the best to watch. We compiled a similar list of these movies from the year 2016, that you and your family should watch. They provide a lot of entertainment, moral lessons besides being a lot of fun. Watch the video and enjoy.

Top 10 Animated Movies of the Year 2016

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