Top 10 Wrestlers In WWE (All Time)

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. or WWE, as we know it, is an American based media and entertainment company, which has been known since decades for professional wrestling. Founded in the year 1952 by Jess McMohan and Toots Mondt, WWE has become the biggest wrestling promotion, with over 500  events held yearly across the globe that are watched by over 36 million viewers across 150 countries. The main headquarters is located in Stamford in Connecticut, USA.

WWE, as almost everyone knows, is not a legitimate wrestling. It’s merely an entertainment based, storyline-driven, scripted show. Vince McMohan (in order to avoid taxes from athletic commissions), in the year 1980, admitted that all the matches were choreographed and staged and were purely meant for entertainment purposes only. However, all the wrestlers were professionals and the moves they made, requires a great deal of athleticism and practice. So many moves these wrestlers made, could result in real major injuries if they were not performed right. The company acknowledged their product WWE as a sports entertainment that features both aspects of competitive sport and dramatic theater.

Even though WWE has acknowledged that it is scripted wrestling, we have to admit that all these wrestlers really worked very hard to achieve those muscular bodies and phenomenal strengths to perform such a theater. Their style, their masks, their characters, each wrestler has their own unique identity. Some of those fights looked so brutal with splattering blood and gruesome injuries when they fall from the top of the ring’s corners or when they go through tables and cages. All these dramas and feast of strength along with various characteristics of a wrestler made our childhood memories. Pretty obviously, we all had our favorite wrestlers.

We compiled a list of favorite wrestlers of all time. These are not my own top 10 favorites but wrestlers in general after combining votes from thousands of our readers. Here is the list of:

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers of All Time


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