Worst Rated Movies Of Bollywood In The Year 2016

Bollywood is massive film industry and produced around 225 movies in the year 2016. Out of these few are blockbuster hits, few good watch movies, few average and rest are the worst movies no one wants to see.

All directors and film writers strive for excellence but there are a few who take these as a joke or probably cast a big actor just to make a quick buck from the undeserving audience. Here we pay a tribute to such movies at which you spent your hard earned money to help fill directors and producers and actors’ pockets. Presenting the worst rated, least voted Bollywood Movies of the year 2016. Remember that these movies are ranked as per votes from thousand of audience members across the globe. These are not our personal choice of movies.

Presenting ROFLOL Videos creation:

Worst Rated Movies Of Bollywood In The Year 2016

You can definitely cross these from your “To Watchlist” if you have not seen them yet. If you have, then I feel for you, Bro/Sis. Good luck watching the worst Bollywood movies in the year 2017 as well. ROFLOL

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