25 Badass Movie Dialogues From Bollywood Movies

Indian Cinema is by the far the largest film industry in the whole World. Bollywood or Hindi Cinema is based in the city of Mumbai and makes up the larger part of the whole Indian Film Industry. In the year 2017, Bollywood produced a total of 364 movies from a total of whopping 1986 feature films that were produced by the Indian Film Industry.

Obviously with so many movies releasing every year, one can expect many movies to be absolutely gold. Some actors leave a mark forever by the way they act, portraying a character for the movies. People remember these actors for their acting skills and dialogues in the movies. We have compiled such a list of 25 most badass movie dialogues from Bollywood movies from yesteryears up to the year 2000, spoken by many famous actors from the film industry. How many can you recall?

25 Most Badass Movie Dialogues From Bollywood


Most of the Indian movie buffs will be able to recall these iconic movie dialogues with ease. It was the era when dialogues like these made a huge impact on the movie. People would give a standing ovation, cheering loudly for these legends and later doing their best impressions and mimicries. Even while reading these movie dialogues, I can hear the original voices in my head, narrating the lines. It’s absolutely magical.

What do you think of this list? Which is your favorite movie dialogue out of these and if there is any memory you would like to share with us? Do share your feedback with us and don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family. Mogambo… Khush Hua!!


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