Christmas & Family Time Goes Hand In Hand

Christmas is about families and friends. The time you need to be with your loved ones. It’s about getting together and sharing the joy of this life and happiness with your family.

This new Christmas advertisement by EDEKA for the year 2015, shows us the true meaning of family time. Before i say anything, let’s just see the video first:

The advertisement has got praises from around the world, but at the same time, some people have not taken this advertisement in a good taste. I understand that. I can see why some people don’t like the concept of this advertisement. But when you look past the concept, this has a very deep meaning. Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones. In today’s world, we are working so much to earn money, that we have forgotten what life really is about. Herein this old man has been spending Christmas nights all alone, year by year, because his children always have an excuse of their busy lives. The old man does and every one of his children, all of a sudden realizes how lonely he must have been and that they should have spent time with him. I understand life is tough and we need to work, but we are working so that we can feed our family, provide shelter and keep them happy. The family is never complete if you are not there. So whatever you do, regardless of how much you work, you should always be with your family at holidays like Christmas. There is no family, no happiness without you. And it’s good to realize this right now because you never know if tomorrow you will get the same opportunity again.

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