Earth – Then & Now, NASA Investigation

Earth is changing drastically. Blame it to the global warming or human actions or the natural phenomena’s over the years. These terms like global warming and climate changes are used for the rise in average earth’s surface temperature over the centuries. This has resulted in warmer oceans, melting of ice glaciers, loss of habitats for many species of animals, etc. Of course humans can’t be blamed for everything that has been happening over the years. Even natural hazards like floods and fires have changed the face of earth multiple times in all this time, some ranging from days and some ranging decades. The remaining are the effect of urbanization including cutting down of forests, leveling of lands and yes, we humans are to be blamed for that.

The gallery below features “Then and Now” photograph comparisons of different locations on earth and how it has changed over the years. There have been some great developments over the years but we are just focusing on those images that shock us humans to our very core.

We will try to explain briefly about each and every photograph you see below. We have not ranked any photographs though, as we believe every photograph comparison effects us equally. (You may click the photograph to view in large scale).

Muir Glacier Melt Alaska
Muir Glacier, Alaska. Left: 1882. Right: 2005
McCarty Glacier Melt Alaska
McCarty Glacier, Alaska. Left: July 30, 1909. Right: August 11, 2004.
Lake Shrinkage Central Asia
The Aral Sea, located in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in central Asia. Left: 2000. Middle: 2004. Right: 2009.
Pedersen Glacier Melt Alaska
The retreat of Pedersen Glacier, Alaska. Left: summer 1917. Right: summer 2005.
Ice Melt Italy Switzerland
Ice Melt Italy Switzerland. Left: August 16, 1960 at 9.00 am. Right: August 18, 2005 at 9.10 am.
Drying Lake Urmia Iran
Drying Lake Urmia Iran. Left:2000, Middle:2010, Right:2014
Drought, Arizona and Utah
Drought, Arizona and Utah. Left:1999, Right 2015
Deforestation Argentina
Deforestation, Argentina. Left: 1972, Right: 2009
Toboggan Glacier, Alaska
Toboggan Glacier, Alaska. Left: June 29, 1909. Right: September 4, 2000.
Imja Glacier Melt Himalayas
Imja Glacier, Himalayas, Left: Autumn, circa 1956. Right: October 18, 2007.
Lake Change New Mexico
Lake change, New Mexico. Left: 1994. Right: 2013
Deforestation, Brazil
Deforestation, Brazil. Left:1975. Right: 2009
Pine Island Glacier Calving Antarctica
Pine Island Glacier Calving Antarctica. Separated 22 miles by 12 miles iceberg on November 9 to 13 of 2013
Carroll Glacier Melt Alaska
Carroll Glacier, Alaska. Left: August 1906. Right: June 21, 2004.
McCall Glacier Melt Alaska
McCall Glacier, Alaska. Left: July 1958. Right: August 14, 2003.
Muir Glacier Melt Alaska
Muir Glacier, Alaska. Left: August 1941. Right: August 2004.

The concept behind these photographs comparisons of different locations on earth, is not to prove the “End is Near” theories. It is to prove that “It’s Time To Act” theories. So we all should join hands and do something to give our future generations, a better and a definite tomorrow.

Do share these images with your friends and family to spread the climate change awareness.

You can visit NASA’s official page and see more interesting climate change photograph comparisons of earth. Even the good ones. click Here: NASA – Images Of Change.

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