Visual Effect Artist Creates Hilarious Video To Sell His Old Car

You know how much agony it is to sell your old car. You will need to publish an advertisement on some popular website or you can place a small advert in the classified segment of your local newspaper. Thereafter starts the painful calls from numerous people, asking so many questions and negotiating that price tag. It takes a toll on you. If only there was an easy better way out. Perhaps, Eugene Romanovsky found a solution.

An Israel-based Latvian, Eugene Romanovsky, decided to take a different direction when he wanted to sell his 1996 Suzuki Vitara. Eugene is a visual effect artist. He shows off his skills in this hysterical 2-minute video, featuring his reliable old car, and what it can do (or cannot do for the most parts). From driving underwater to gliding in the space. Barely escaping massive avalanches. Making a presence in famous Hollywood movies like Jurassic Park and Mad Max: Fury Road. No wonder his video has caught the eye of so many YouTube watchers. Viewed more than 4.5 million times already in almost a month. This is a must-watch viral video. Grab your popcorns friends and watch this hilarious bit by Eugene Romanovsky.

#BuyMyVitara – Suzuki Vitara ’96 Ad By Eugene Romanovsky:

Eugene Romanovsky works as a Creative Director/VFX Supervisor/Head of Motion for the graphics department at Gravity, a creative, design, effects and animation group in Tel Aviv.

The car has already seen a buyer in Israel itself. “The funny thing is, that the person who bought it didn’t see the movie. He saw the car on the street,” Romanovsky says.

You can follow Eugene Romanovsky’s work on Facebook.

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