Mirror Glaze Marble Cakes For Perfectionist Hunger

Olga Noskova, who lives in Ufa, Russia, is a confectioner who has recently made her presence felt on the internet in a big way. She makes marble cakes and sweets that look like something from your fantasy dreams, something how we humans can merely term as mirror glaze.

She says, “It all began with my love for macarons. Later I began to devote a lot of time to study confectionery arts. I really wanted to learn how to make European mousse cakes. My mirror glaze is the result of my experience.”

Her work speaks for itself. Honestly speaking, I do not even want to cut into these cakes. I am happy keeping them on my dining table or coffee table, as a permanent fixture….. for eternity. Even though I know they won’t last. Anyhow, let’s move on my drooling ravings and see how these cakes look like. By the time you finish gazing over these marble cakes, you shall be drooling too.

And here is the genius herself. Olga Noskova. I envy her so much:

Olga Noskova
Olga Noskova

You can follow her Instagram account to see more of her marvelous mirror glazed marble cakes. Here is the link to her Instagram account. Olga Noskova.

Although, Olga has not shared her secret recipe yet, but if you are craving to make your own mirror glazed marble cake, then don’t worry. Reddit user SuperDrew124 shared this mirror-like glaze recipe:


  • 20 g Gelatin Powder
  • 120 g Water
  • 300 g Glucose
  • 300 g Sugar
  • 150 g Water
  • 200 g Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 300 g Chocolate (White, Milk, Dark or a combination)
  • Food Coloring


  1. Bloom the gelatin in the water.
  2. Boil the glucose, sugar & water.
  3. Remove from heat and add the gelatin.
  4. Add the condensed milk.
  5. Pour over chocolate and buerre mix to remove air bubbles.

Use at 35C/95F.

The shiny marbling effect is achieved by pouring different color glazes together over the cake.

Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. Have a sweet time.


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