Pregnant Women Strange Food Cravings Cookbook

Pregnant women, when asked, often crave for very strange things to eat. Juarez Rodrigues and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus, both advertisers by profession, who also love to do some fun projects every now and then, started this project called “Eating For Two – The Pregnancy Cravings Cookbook”. Herein, after tons of research, they have listed down, few of the strange food cravings that pregnant women long for and then actually created those dishes and photographed them like fine dining gourmet meals.

You would not imagine eating something like “Medley of Soaps” or “Coal”, but oddly enough, such is the desire of food that pregnant women yearns. On their website, they have photographed these cravings and even rated them after genuinely eating all of these recipes. Even the soap and coal. Ouch! Yeah, it tasted as bad as it sounds, says Vicky. They rated these meals on the basis of their personal taste and some other factors. But they do not encourage you to try them all. Perhaps somethings edible like “Sausage and Jam” or “Ice Cream and Chili” can be tried on your own risk but it’s a strict no for items that are not meant to be eaten like “Burnt Matches”.

These meals are really crazy, not all, but mostly. I would love to have a go at “Bacon Mars Bar Burger”. Sounds really good to me. Probably, pregnant women might relate to other recipes mentioned here. But thanks to Juarez and Vicky, we get to see how these food cravings look like, when presented as beautifully photographed gourmet meals. Here are few of them:

Bacon Mars Bar Burger
Bacon Mars Bar Burger. Rating: 8/10
Bean and Cream Dream
Bean and Cream Dream. Rating: 4/10
Burnt Matches
Burnt Matches. Rating: 1/10
Buttered Watermelon
Buttered Watermelon. Rating: 4/10
Choc-Olive Cake
Choc-Olive Cake. Rating: 3/10
Coal. Rating: 10/10 (That’s Weird)
Gherkin Cocktail
Gherkin Cocktail. Rating: 5/10
Ice-Cream and Chili Sauce
Ice-Cream and Chili Sauce. Rating: 3/10
Mashed Potato with Caramel Sauce
Mashed Potato with Caramel Sauce. Rating: 5/10
Medley of Soaps
Medley of Soaps. Rating: 0/10 (Yuck)
Orange Sushi with Tomato Sauce Glaze
Orange Sushi with Tomato Sauce Glaze. Rating: 1/10
Oreos & Toothpaste
Oreos & Toothpaste. Rating: 6/10 (Looks Good, To Be Honest)
Popcorn On A Bed of Sauerkraut
Popcorn On A Bed of Sauerkraut. Rating: 3/10
Sausage & Jam
Sausage & Jam. Rating: 5/10
Steak & Ice-cream
Steak & Ice-cream. Rating: 1/10

If you are pregnant and have some strange food cravings of your own, then you can submit them at their website. They might just make a meal of your suggestion and add to their list of food cravings. You can visit their website at
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