Puppy Uses Last Bit Of Strength To Wag Tail At Rescuers

This poor puppy is suffering from a disease called Canine Distemper. It is usually a fatal disease. This puppy was lying half dead on the side of the road in Udaipur, India, when luckily for her, a team of animal rescuers arrived on the spot.

In this rather hopeless situation for her, the puppy was probably about to lose faith. As soon as she saw the rescuers, she couldn’t contain her affection and with last bit of strength in her body, she wagged her tail at the rescuers. I can even see a bit of smile on her face, to be honest. Knowing that she now has a chance to survive.

The rescuers were from an organization called Animal Aid Unlimited. The took the puppy in and started her treatment immediately. They treated this beautiful puppy for 14 days, with IV fluids and antibiotics. Luckily, this strong-willed puppy survived and recovered. She can eat and walk once again. Now she wags her tail playfully and happily, knowing that she will have a good life ahead. All thanks to amazing people at such animal rescue centers who care for such animals, all over the world.

I was in tears looking at this pooch. But I am crying happy tears now. Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited.

You can help them save street animals in need by donations : animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate/

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