Runaway Tire Knockouts A Walking Man

It’s really unfortunate to be at a wrong place at a wrong time. A 50-year-old man from Brazil was casually walking on the pavement of a roadside street when he met with a freaking accident. A tire came bouncing from the street and hit this man on the back of his head, and knocked him out cold.

The tire smacked this man right in the head and such was the force, that he fell forcefully on the ground. The impact on his skull and chest was such that both of them got fractured. It is miraculous how this man was able to survive this accident. Fortunately, his wife who was walking beside him was very lucky not to be hit by the runaway tire.

The man has been identified as┬áRoberto Carlos Fernandes from Brazil. According to a journalist, Gil Souza “Witnesses said that the vehicle was carrying a trailer and the tire came loose from the axles on the back of that. This was a freak accident where the wheel struck him at the exact moment where his head was.” He further added that “Fortunately, Mr. Fernandes was alive after being treated at Marcio Marcio Cunha in the city and he was released from intensive care.”

This freak tire accident is really unfortunate and it reminds us how valuable and fragile our lives are. Not everyone can be this lucky and Mr. Fernandes surely knows that. Here is the video of this freak accident.

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