Squirrels Kept Stealing From Bird Feeder, So She Did This…

Squirrels are naughty little rodents. They love to eat seeds and nuts and they will go as far as stealing seeds from a bird feeder if they have to. It’s not uncommon that squirrels have been caught in the act doing just that. They have large eyes and have an excellent sense of vision and they can live almost in all habitats. They are wonderful little creatures but I wish they did equally well in the brain department.

This video was shot by an owner who installed a bird feeder in their lawn. However, instead of birds, squirrels made the most of the opportunity. This kept going on for a while, so the lady owner decided to experiment with something. She put oil on the pole of the bird feeder and the result has been hilarious. Watch the video yourself and I promise you, that you will be in splits too.


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